What is another word for South African?

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[ sˈa͡ʊθ ˈafɹɪkən], [ sˈa‍ʊθ ˈafɹɪkən], [ s_ˈaʊ_θ ˈa_f_ɹ_ɪ_k_ə_n]

South African is a term that refers to the people, language, culture, and things associated with the country of South Africa. Some synonyms for South African include South Afrikaner, Southern African, RSA citizen, a South African national, Saffer, and ZA resident. These synonyms differentiate between various aspects of the South African identity, from language to nationality to geographic location. Each synonym has a unique nuance, reflecting the complex history and diversity of South Africa and its people. Using these synonyms enriches communication about South Africa and acknowledges the many layers of identity within the country.

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