What is another word for St Andrews cross?

Pronunciation: [sənt ˈandɹuːz kɹˈɒs] (IPA)

"St Andrews cross" is a term used to describe the symbol of an 'X' shape, often used in flags and emblems. Synonyms for this term could include 'Saltire' or 'Saint Andrew's cross', which specifically refers to the cross associated with the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew. Another term that can be used interchangeably is 'Diagonal cross', as it signifies a cross that stretches diagonally across a surface. Additionally, the term 'Greek cross' can also be considered synonymous with St Andrews cross, as it represents a cross with four equal arms intersecting at right angles. These synonyms can be utilized to describe and identify the cross-shaped symbol without any discrepancy.

What are the antonyms for St andrews cross?

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