What is another word for stercoral ulcer?

Pronunciation: [stˈɜːkəɹə͡l ˈʌlsə] (IPA)

Stercoral ulcer is a medical term that refers to an ulcer in the lining of the bowel caused by long-term constipation and fecal impaction. Although there are few direct synonyms for stercoral ulcer, there are related medical terms that describe similar conditions. These include fecal impaction, fecaloma, and coprolith, all of which refer to hardened masses of fecal matter in the colon. Additionally, terms such as enteritis and colitis describe inflammation and irritation of the intestinal lining, which can be caused by stercoral ulcers or other related conditions. While these terms are not exact synonyms, they are often used in medical contexts to describe similar conditions.

Synonyms for Stercoral ulcer:

What are the hypernyms for Stercoral ulcer?

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