What is another word for stereophonic system?

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[ stˌɛɹɪə͡ʊfˈɒnɪk sˈɪstəm], [ stˌɛɹɪə‍ʊfˈɒnɪk sˈɪstəm], [ s_t_ˌɛ_ɹ_ɪ__əʊ_f_ˈɒ_n_ɪ_k s_ˈɪ_s_t_ə_m]

A stereophonic system is a term used to describe a system in which there are two channels of audio output that create a stereo effect. However, there are several other terms that can be used to describe a stereo system. For example, a "stereo amplifier" or "stereo receiver" are both devices that can be used to drive a pair of speakers for stereo playback. Another term that is often used in conjunction with stereo systems is "surround sound." This refers to a system that includes more than two audio channels, typically used for home theater setups. Finally, "dual channel" and "binaural" are terms that can also apply to stereo systems, as they refer to using two channels of audio to create a spatial effect.

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    A stereophonic system is a type of artificial sound reproduction system that provides sound in two channels, Left and Right. These channels are connected using identical loudspeakers. stereo recordings are usually processed so that the left and right channels are played back simultaneously, with the left speaker playing the left channel and the right speaker playing the right channel.

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