What is another word for sub due?

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Subdue is a versatile word with several synonyms that can be used to express different degrees of control or restraint. Synonyms for subdue may vary depending on the context, but here are a few examples. Tame, pacify, and quiet denote a sense of peaceful control or soothing effect. Conquer, overcome, and vanquish suggest defeating an opponent or obstacle. Suppress, stifle, and quash imply stamping out a rebellion, argument, or opposing viewpoint. Finally, restrain, check, and rein in insinuate imposing limits or holding back a person or thing. Using synonyms for subdue can add nuance and depth to your writing, thereby enhancing clarity and meaning.

Synonyms for Sub due:

How to use "Sub due" in context?

Subdue means to make less aggressive or less disruptive or to control or dominate. To "submit" or "sube" means to yield or concede, usually without any protest or show of force.

Subdue can be used as a verb, conjugated as subdue; as a noun, it is the past participle of the verb subdue.

Subdue often carries connotations of power and control, which is why this expression is often used in military contexts. For example, a soldier might say "it was easy to subdue the suspect" to suggest that the arrest was relatively easy.

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