What is another word for Suborder Megachiroptera?

Pronunciation: [sˈʌbɔːdə mˈɛɡəkˌa͡ɪɹəptəɹə] (IPA)

Suborder Megachiroptera is a taxonomic classification that refers to a specific order of bats. Megabats, or fruit bats, are some of the largest bats in the world and are typically found in tropical regions. Some common synonyms for Suborder Megachiroptera include fruit bats, flying foxes, and Old World fruit bats. These bats are vital to their local ecosystems, pollinating plants and dispersing seeds. However, their populations are under threat due to habitat loss, hunting, and disease. Efforts are underway to protect these important creatures and ensure their survival for generations to come.

Synonyms for Suborder megachiroptera:

What are the hypernyms for Suborder megachiroptera?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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