What is another word for Suborder Ornithopoda?

Pronunciation: [sˈʌbɔːdəɹ ˌɔːnɪθəpˈə͡ʊdə] (IPA)

Suborder Ornithopoda is a group of herbivorous dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period. They are characterized by their beaks, toothless jaws, and powerful hind legs. There are several synonyms for this group, including "bird-footed dinosaurs" due to the similarities of their feet to those of modern-day birds. Another synonym is "duck-billed dinosaurs" because of their flat, broad snouts that resembled the bill of a duck. Additionally, they can be called "grazing dinosaurs" as they primarily fed on plants. Other synonyms include "Iguanodonts" and "Hadrosaurs," which are specific types of Ornithopod dinosaurs. These synonyms highlight the unique characteristics and behaviors of these fascinating creatures.

Synonyms for Suborder ornithopoda:

What are the hypernyms for Suborder ornithopoda?

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