What is another word for syphilitic hepatitis?

Pronunciation: [sˌa͡ɪfɪlˈɪtɪk hˌɛpɐtˈa͡ɪtɪs] (IPA)

Syphilitic hepatitis is a medical condition that occurs when syphilis infects the liver. It can cause symptoms such as jaundice, fever, and abdominal pain. There are several other terms that can be used to refer to this condition. These include hepatic syphilis, syphilitic liver disease, and syphilitic granuloma of the liver. Syphilitic hepatitis is a rare condition, but it can be serious if left untreated. Treatment usually involves a combination of antibiotics and other medications to manage symptoms and prevent further damage to the liver. Regular check-ups with a healthcare professional can help monitor the condition and prevent complications.

Synonyms for Syphilitic hepatitis:

What are the hypernyms for Syphilitic hepatitis?

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