What is another word for target text?

Pronunciation: [tˈɑːɡɪt tˈɛkst] (IPA)

A target text refers to the specific text or document being translated or analyzed. When delving into the evaluation or interpretation of a target text, it may be useful to consider alternative terms that can be interchangeably used. Synonyms for target text include "source text", which highlights the original or starting point of a translation, and "text in focus", emphasizing the specific content requiring attention. Additionally, "subject text" can be employed to underscore the main idea or theme of the document. When conducting research or analysis, utilizing these different synonyms for target text can aid in improving clarity and facilitating effective communication within the realm of translation and interpretation.

What are the opposite words for target text?

Target text refers to the original piece of writing that is being translated or adapted into another language or medium. The antonyms of target text entail texts that have not yet been assigned to a specific goal or purpose. These may include rough drafts, brainstorming notes or random musings that may eventually be shaped into a cohesive work but do not yet have a definite direction. Another antonym for target text could be 'free writing' or spontaneous writing that is not bound by any guidelines, rules or parameters. These types of texts are often used as a tool for creative exploration or personal introspection, rather than as a means to accomplishing a specific objective.

What are the antonyms for Target text?

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