What is another word for the humanities?

Pronunciation: [ðə hjuːmˈanɪtiz] (IPA)

The term "the humanities" generally refers to fields of study that explore human culture and society, including literature, history, philosophy, and art. However, there are many synonyms and related terms used to describe these areas of study. For example, the term "liberal arts" is often used to describe a broad range of humanistic subjects, while the term "social sciences" is often used to describe more empirical fields of study related to human behavior and society. Other related terms might include "cultural studies," "humanistic inquiry," or "intellectual history." While the precise definition of the humanities may vary, it is clear that these fields of study are all concerned with understanding and exploring what it means to be human.

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What are the hypernyms for The humanities?

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Famous quotes with The humanities

  • The first months at Harvard were more than challenging, as I came to the realization that the humanities could be genuinely interesting, and, in fact, given the weaknesses of my background, very difficult.
    Philip Warren Anderson
  • The adequate study of culture, our own and those on the opposite side of the globe, can press on to fulfillment only as we learn today from the humanities as well as from the scientists.
    Ruth Benedict
  • I think the perception of there being a deep gulf between science and the humanities is false.
    Clifford Geertz
  • Anthropology is the most humanistic of the sciences and the most scientific of the humanities.
    Alfred L. Kroeber
  • I just thank my father and mother, my lucky stars, that I had the advantage of an education in the humanities.
    David McCullough

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