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The word "thusly" is an informal word and is not commonly used in the English language. It is often considered an unnecessary and redundant word. The word "thus" is a more commonly used alternative to "thusly" and has the same meaning. Other synonyms include "therefore", "consequently", "accordingly", and "hence". These words are more formal and often used in professional or academic writing. Another option is to simply rephrase the sentence to eliminate the need for "thusly". Overall, it is best to avoid using "thusly" and opt for a more commonly used synonym.

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How to use "Thusly" in context?

When used as a noun, "thusly" means in a manner that is sensible or appropriate. For example, if you tell your friends that you're going to buy them beer, but then go into the liquor store and buy, they might think that you behaved merely thusly - in a manner consistent with your word and intention.

Alternatively, when used as an adjective, "thusly" can be synonymous with "sensibly.

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