What is another word for tinker's damn?

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[ tˈɪŋkəz dˈam], [ tˈɪŋkəz dˈam], [ t_ˈɪ_ŋ_k_ə_z d_ˈa_m]

The phrase "tinker's damn" is an old-fashioned expression indicating something of little worth or value. Some alternative synonyms include "not worth a penny," "useless," "worthless," "insignificant," "unimportant," "negligible," "trivial," "inconsequential," "inadequate," "ineffective," and "pointless." Another option is to use idiomatic expressions such as "no big deal," "not a biggie," or "doesn't make a difference." Regardless of the choice of words, the meaning of the phrase is clear: the object or situation being described has no significant importance or relevance. Whether expressing frustration, disappointment, or a lack of care, there are plenty of alternatives to the phrase "tinker's damn".

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