What is another word for true pepper?

Pronunciation: [tɹˈuː pˈɛpə] (IPA)

True pepper, also known as black pepper, is a popular seasoning in cuisines around the world. Interestingly, true pepper has several synonyms that are used to describe the same spice. The most common synonym for true pepper is simply "peppercorn," which refers to the dried fruit of the Piper nigrum plant. Other synonyms include "whole pepper," "piper," and "white pepper," which is the same plant as black pepper, but with the outer layer removed. In addition, peppers from other plants are sometimes referred to as "false pepper," such as Sichaun pepper, which comes from the Zanthoxylum plant. Despite its many synonyms, true pepper remains a staple spice in kitchens worldwide.

Synonyms for True pepper:

  • n.

    true pepper
  • Other relevant words:

    Other relevant words (noun):
    • vine
    • .

What are the hypernyms for True pepper?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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