What is another word for universal gas constant?

Pronunciation: [jˌuːnɪvˈɜːsə͡l ɡˈas kˈɒnstənt] (IPA)

The Universal Gas Constant is a physical constant used in thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. It is denoted by the symbol "R" and has a value of 8.314 J/(mol*K). While it is commonly known as the Universal Gas Constant, there are other synonyms used in the field of science for the same constant. These include the molar gas constant, ideal gas constant, mechanical equivalent of heat, and Boltzmann's constant. These synonyms refer to the same physical constant and are used interchangeably according to the context of the application. Regardless of the terminology, the Universal Gas Constant is a crucial value used in many scientific calculations relating to gases.

Synonyms for Universal gas constant:

  • n.

    gas constant universal gas constant
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