What is another word for unmined?

Pronunciation: [ʌnmˈa͡ɪnd] (IPA)

Unmined, synonymous with untouched or unexplored, refers to something that has not been extracted or mined yet. This term can be commonly used to describe natural resources, such as minerals, oil, or coal that still remain hidden beneath the Earth's surface. Furthermore, unmined can be employed metaphorically, implying untapped potential or unexplored opportunities. It suggests a sense of novelty, freshness, and hidden value. Unmined can be substituted with words like unexcavated, unexploited, or unworked, all conveying the idea of something untouched and awaiting exploration. This term evokes a sense of curiosity and possibility, encompassing both literal and figurative contexts.

What are the opposite words for unmined?

The antonyms for the word "unmined" include extracted, mined, harvested, gathered, drilled, and excavated. These antonyms describe various processes that involve removing natural resources from the earth, such as minerals, oil, gas, and coal. Extracted is the opposite of unmined as it involves taking out resources from the earth. Similarly, mined and excavated signify digging the earth to obtain minerals and other materials. Harvested and gathered are appropriate antonyms when referring to natural resources like crops, timber, and fish. Drilled is an antonym used in reference to oil and natural gas. Overall, there are many antonyms for unmined that describe the extraction of natural resources from the earth.

What are the antonyms for Unmined?

Usage examples for Unmined

They await man's development and acceptance-banks of pitch, wells of oil, outcroppings of coal, great masses of unmined salt, mineral wealth uncounted and unguessed.
"The New North"
Agnes Deans Cameron
The point they chose was the nearest practicable bay that was unmined.
"Some Principles of Maritime Strategy"
Julian Stafford Corbett
Russia has large reserves which are practically unmined.
"The Economic Aspect of Geology"
C. K. Leith

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