What is another word for unworthiness?

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[ ʌnwˈɜːðɪnəs], [ ʌnwˈɜːðɪnəs], [ ʌ_n_w_ˈɜː_ð_ɪ_n_ə_s]

The word "unworthiness" refers to a feeling or state of not being deserving or deserving of something. It could be a sense of low self-esteem, guilt, shame, inferiority or incompetence. There are many synonyms for "unworthiness" including worthlessness, inadequacy, unworth, ineptitude, inferiority, incompetence, shame, guilt, disgrace, and self-denigration. These synonyms convey a similar feeling that someone does not have the qualities or abilities that meet certain standards. It's important to recognize and address feelings of unworthiness as they can have a negative impact on mental health and overall well-being.

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    How to use "Unworthiness" in context?

    People who are considered unworthy often feel like they don't fit in or are not good enough. They may have been told that they are not smart or talented enough, or that they're not pretty or strong enough. These people often feel like they don't belong anywhere and they may start to doubt themselves. This can have a big impact on their life, as they may be less likely to try new things or take risks. They may also feel like they can't make friends or be successful in life. It can be hard to feel worthy when you feel like you don't fit in.

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