What is another word for visual artist?

Pronunciation: [vˈɪʒuːə͡l ˈɑːtɪst] (IPA)

Visual artist is a term used to describe a wide array of creative professionals who use visual mediums to express themselves. Some synonyms for visual artist might include graphic designer, painter, illustrator, photographer, sculptor, animator, or mixed media artist. These artists use a variety of tools and techniques to bring their ideas to life, whether through traditional art materials like paint and canvas, digital software, or physical materials like wood and metal. No matter the medium or style, visual artists share a passion for creating beautiful and thought-provoking works that engage and inspire their viewers.

What are the hypernyms for Visual artist?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Visual artist

  • I began as a boy with artistic talent... as a visual artist... I thought that was what I'd become and in my late teens drifted into reading serious literature.
    Russell Banks
  • At the age of 80, I'm becoming a visual artist. This could be my rebirth.
    Harry Seidler

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