What is another word for water-cooled reactor?

Pronunciation: [wˈɔːtəkˈuːld ɹɪˈaktə] (IPA)

A water-cooled reactor is a type of nuclear reactor that uses water to remove heat produced by nuclear reactions. There are several synonyms for the term water-cooled reactor, including pressurized water reactor (PWR), boiling water reactor (BWR), and light water reactor (LWR). These synonyms differ based on the type of coolant used to transfer heat. In a PWR, the water is kept under high pressure to prevent it from boiling. In a BWR, the water is allowed to boil and create steam to power turbines. LWRs are a type of water-cooled reactor that use ordinary water as a coolant and moderator, which slows down neutrons and allows for nuclear reactions to occur.

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