What is another word for weaverbird?

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[ wˈiːvəbˌɜːd], [ wˈiːvəbˌɜːd], [ w_ˈiː_v_ə_b_ˌɜː_d]

Weaverbirds are also known as Ploceidae, which is derived from the Latin word "ploceus" meaning weaver. The intricate basket-like nests they construct have earned them names such as 'Nest-builders' and 'Basket-weavers'. The males' colorful plumage has led them to be called 'Painted finches', while their sharp beaks and skillful weaving abilities have garnered them the names 'Master craftsmen' and 'Weaving artists'. Due to their sociable nature, they are also referred to as 'Social weavers' and 'Community birds'. In addition, some tribes in Africa describe them as 'Birds of heaven' because of their remarkable nests that hang from high tree branches.

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