What is another word for wild thyme?

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[ wˈa͡ɪld tˈa͡ɪm], [ wˈa‍ɪld tˈa‍ɪm], [ w_ˈaɪ_l_d t_ˈaɪ_m]

Synonyms for Wild thyme:

How to use "Wild thyme" in context?

Wild thyme, or Thymus vulgaris, is a shrubby, perennial herb that can mostly be found in dry, open areas alongside roads and in disturbed areas of landscape. The leaves are heart shaped, rounded at the base and thin at the blade, and are a deep green in color. The flowers are typically blue or purple, and are inconspicuous due to their small size. The fruit is a small, dark brown capsule. The Action Plan for Wild Thyme highlights the plant's potential for use in landscaping and for conservation purposes.

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