What is another word for wildlife parks?

Pronunciation: [wˈa͡ɪldla͡ɪf pˈɑːks] (IPA)

Wildlife parks are places where animals are kept in a natural setting for visitors to observe and enjoy. Some other names for wildlife parks are game reserves, nature reserves, animal sanctuaries, and zoological parks. Game reserves are typically larger areas set aside for hunting or conservation purposes, while nature reserves focus on conservation and education. Animal sanctuaries are places where rescued animals are rehabilitated and cared for, while zoological parks primarily serve as places for public education and recreation. Whether you call it a wildlife park, game reserve, nature reserve, animal sanctuary, or zoological park, all of these places provide important opportunities to learn about and appreciate the incredible diversity of our planet's wildlife.

Synonyms for Wildlife parks:

What are the hypernyms for Wildlife parks?

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