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Wiretapping is a term used to describe the act of intercepting and recording private conversations or communications without the knowledge or consent of the parties involved. The term has various synonyms that collectively describe the different methods of eavesdropping. These synonyms include electronic surveillance, eavesdropping, intercepting, monitoring, bugging, and tapping. Electronic surveillance refers to the use of electronic devices to secretly collect and record conversations or data. Eavesdropping is used to refer to the act of secretly listening in on private conversations. Intercepting is when someone accesses private communications being transmitted through a public channel. Tapping describes the act of attaching a listening device to a phone line. Bugging is the process of secretly planting listening devices in a room or on an individual.

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When we think of wiretapping, the most common images that come to mind are the Gilmore Girls and Law and Order: SVU episodes where detectives use a wiretap to listen in on a suspect's conversation. But wiretapping is actually a much older technology that dates back to the early days of telephone communication.

A wiretap operates much like a telephone. First, you need a telephone line, which connects the caller and receiver. Then, you need a special tool, called a wiretap, to connect the caller and receiver's telephone lines together.

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