What is another word for withdrawal method?

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[ wɪðdɹˈɔːl mˈɛθəd], [ wɪðdɹˈɔːl mˈɛθəd], [ w_ɪ_ð_d_ɹ_ˈɔː_l m_ˈɛ_θ_ə_d]

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    Synonyms for Withdrawal method:

    How to use "Withdrawal method" in context?

    Withdrawal is the process of gradually reducing the amount of a drug or other substance taken over a period of time. Withdrawal can be voluntary or involuntary. With voluntary withdrawal, the person manages the dose by slowing the dose or stopping it altogether at different times. Voluntary withdrawal is easier said than done, as some people can't stop taking drugs even when they want to. With involuntary withdrawal, the person is taken hostage by their body's need for the drug and cannot control their intake. This can be damaging and very scary.

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