What is another word for work force?

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The term "work force" refers to the group of individuals who are employed in various industries and organizations. There are several synonyms that can be used to describe this group of people, including "employees", "staff", "work team", "labor force", "work personnel", "work crew", "work squad", "work group", "work unit" and "work brigade". These words generally have the same meaning, but they may be used in slightly different contexts. For example, "staff" usually refers to a group of people who work together in a specific department, while "work crew" may be used to describe a group of people who work together on a specific project. Regardless of the term used, the work force is an essential part of any organization, without which it would not be able to function.

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    The work force is the people employed in the production of goods and services in an economy. The work force includes both [full-time] and [part-time] workers, self-employed people, and unpaid family work. The work force is a measure of the number of people available for productive work. The work force is also a measure of the number of people available for regular employment. The work force is important because it affects the availability of goods and services. The work force also affects the level of employment, which in turn affects the amount of income that people earn.

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