What is another word for xanthophyl?

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[ zˈanθəfˌɪl], [ zˈanθəfˌɪl], [ z_ˈa_n_θ_ə_f_ˌɪ_l]

Xanthophylls are yellow pigments that are often associated with leaves during the autumn season. These pigments are useful in photosynthesis as they absorb light in the blue and green spectrum, which allows plants to use energy from the sun to produce food. Other synonyms for the word xanthophyll include carotenoid and yellow pigment. These pigments are found in many natural sources, such as egg yolks, corn, and carrots. Some scientists believe that these pigments may provide health benefits for humans, including reducing the risk of certain types of cancer and promoting immune health. Overall, xanthophylls play an important role in both nature and human health, making them a subject of ongoing research and study.

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