What is another word for zooplastic graft?

Pronunciation: [zuːplˈastɪk ɡɹˈaft] (IPA)

A zooplastic graft is a term commonly used in medical science, referring to a type of graft or transplant derived from animals. These grafts serve as substitutes in replacing damaged or diseased tissues in humans. However, there are alternative terms that can be used as synonyms for zooplastic graft. Examples include xenograft or heterograft, which also denote the usage of animal tissue for transplantation purposes. These terms highlight the biological origin of the graft material and emphasize the cross-species transplantation procedure. Ultimately, regardless of the synonym used, these grafting techniques play a crucial role in modern medicine, aiding in the restoration of health and quality of life for numerous individuals.

What are the antonyms for Zooplastic graft?

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