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What is another word for DEC?

25 synonyms found


[d_ˈɛ_k], [dˈɛk], [dˈɛk]

Synonyms for Dec:

DEC (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Dec:

  1. heck, nec, fleck, tec, wreck, lech, peck, check, spec, sec, czech, trek, neck, tech, deck, speck;
  2. quebec, bedeck;

Quotes for Dec:

  1. Military troops were withdrawn from Chechnya on Dec 31, 1996. Akhmad Kadyrov.
  2. I then remained in Berlin until Dec 1938, spending my time between pictures at my villa on the Riviera. Pola Negri.
  3. We're still working out the details, but I'd be delighted to do the film. The problem at the moment is my busy schedule. Shooting on this film has been extended by a month, but I need to be in the U. S. by Dec 20. Zhang Ziyi.

Adjectives for Dec:

  • next standard,
  • bad general,
  • smartly uniformed,
  • dial,
  • instant,
  • serpentine,
  • uniformed,
  • dank,
  • pleasing,
  • vital,
  • wrong,
  • internal,
  • upper,
  • additional,
  • standard,
  • solid,
  • normal,
  • hard,
  • bad,
  • main,
  • common,
  • single,
  • mere,
  • less,
  • more chaste,
  • much slower,
  • late,
  • slow, poignant,
  • poignant,
  • slow,
  • general,
  • litical.