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What is another word for homosexuality?

49 synonyms found


[h_ˌəʊ_m_əʊ_s_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_uː_ˈa_l_ɪ_t_ɪ], [hˌə͡ʊmə͡ʊsˈɛkʃuːˈalɪtɪ], [hˌə‍ʊmə‍ʊsˈɛkʃuːˈalɪtɪ]

Synonyms for Homosexuality:

homosexuality (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Homosexuality:

  1. municipality, musicality, modality, immorality, informality, formality, instrumentality, geniality, technicality, triviality, legality, reality, rationality, speciality, eventuality, totality, morality, venality, hospitality, sexuality, theatricality, unreality, vitality, liberality, impartiality, locality, lethality, plurality, mortality, tonality, originality, immortality, mentality, functionality, practicality, spirituality, frugality, sensuality, proportionality, sentimentality, finality, mutuality, materiality, punctuality, normality, neutrality, personality, generality, principality, partiality, irrationality, illegality, universality;
  2. centrality, duality, fatality, banality, brutality, bestiality, causality;
  3. commonality, abnormality, criminality, criticality, actuality;
  4. bisexuality, congeniality;
  5. individuality, constitutionality, confidentiality;
  6. heterosexuality;

Quotes for Homosexuality:

  1. The Jews have never been ashamed of being Jews, whereas homosexuals have been stupid enough to be ashamed of their homosexuality Rainer W. Fassbinder.
  2. Now when you have administrators deciding what sexuality is, and what's a taboo and what's not in terms of content, you got guys, like, Trent Lott who equates homosexuality with a disease. Richard Serra.
  3. I think heterosexuality and homosexuality are a kind of psychosis, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Jeanette Winterson.

Adjectives for Homosexuality:

  • strong latent,
  • blatant,
  • rampant,
  • militant,
  • exclusive,
  • notorious,
  • active,
  • complete,
  • present,
  • true,
  • general,
  • mere,
  • basic, latent,
  • overt or latent,
  • abnormal congenital,
  • general undefined,
  • own latent,
  • obsessional,
  • merely temporary,
  • apocryphal,
  • undefined,
  • senile,
  • obligatory,
  • straightforward,
  • practised,
  • refined,
  • secondary,
  • prominent,
  • basic,
  • artificial,
  • temporary,
  • universal,
  • physical,
  • brief,
  • occasional,
  • so-called ideal,
  • modern,
  • masculine,
  • permanent,
  • possible,
  • compulsive,
  • overt,
  • spurious,
  • simple,
  • incestuous,
  • ideal,
  • human,
  • manifest,
  • male and female,
  • congenital,
  • female,
  • feminine,
  • latent,
  • male.