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[ˈɒv], [ˈɒv], [ˈɒ_v]

Synonyms for Of:

relationally (adverb)

adjunctly, analogously, attendantly, coincidentally, concomitantly, connectedly, dependently, germanely, relevantly, supplementally.

Other synonyms and related words:

Ere, For, From, Toward, aboard, about, about that, according, according to, accordingly, account for, accurate, additional, adhering, adjacent to, adjectival suffix, administer, administration, afford aid, after, against, ahead, aid, alike, allot, almost, along, amalgamate, amidst, amnesia, amount of the, and, anent, appertaining to, appropriate to, approximately, argue, around, as concerns, as regards, aside, assemble, assist, associate, at, attach, attached, attachment, attribute, attributed to, authority, auxiliary, away, away from, bad, based on, be due, be entitled to, be the due, be the possessor, be the sign, bear the impress, bearing, because, because of, before, behalf, behind, belong to, belonging to, besides, betoken, beyond, bind, bond, breadth, bring aid, brusque, by, by inference, by the aid, capital, century, characterized by, churlish, clarify, clear up, coalesce, coarse, combine, come in for, coming from, communication, concatenation, concerning, conjoin, connect, connected with, connection, connotate, connote, consequently, consisting of, consort, containing, contribute, control, correct, decipher, denote, deserve, dextrose equivalent, direction, discal, discourteous, disentangle, dispense, disrespectful, distribute, dominant, due to, during, earn, elucidate, empire, enucleate, epithetical, ever since, evidence, expletive, extent, extra, faithful, feature, find out, find the cause, fix, for sake of, forgetfulness, forth, fortiori, forwards, from there, frontwards, furnish aid, gain, get, give aid, go on, going from, government, gruff, harmonious, have claim to, have right to, have title to, havebe due, help, high, him, him her, husband, identical, if, impertinent, impolite, in, in agreement, in aid of, in behalf of, in continuance, in corroboration, in each, in favor of, in furtherance of, in harmony, in keeping, in order to, in progress, in reference to, in regard to, indicate, inherit, insensibility, into, it, join, join in marriage, joint, junior, leave for, lend a hand, lend one's aid, lend wings to, length, lethe, like, made from, made of, make out, meet, most, nameless, namesake, neither, never, non obstante, nor, not off, obliteration, oblivion, obliviousness, occupancy, occupation, occupied with, of it, of the, off, on, on account of, on behalf of, once, onto, onward, or a relative, organ, out from, out of, over, owing to, own, peculiar to, peculiarity, pertaining to, piece, possess, possession, possessive, possessory, prepare, proceeding from, produce, property, proprietary, public servant, putrid, raison de plus, rancid, read, referring to, regarding, relate, related to, residuum, resolve, respecting, roughly, same, say on, secondary, shed light upon, showing, similar, similarly constituted, sing on, solve, sour, spell out, spouse, still less, still more, stretch a hand, subscribe to, subsequently, succor, supplementary, supply aid, take in tow, teeth, tell the cause, testify, the meaning, the past, them, then, therefore, throw light upon, towards, under seal, uniform, unite, unravel, unto, upon, valeat quantum, versus, when, width, with regard to, with the aid, witness.

Rhymes for Of:

  1. glove, shove, love, dove;
  2. thereof, above;

Quotes for Of:

  1. I agree that we must expand opportunities for retirement saving, but we must not undermine this worthy effort with a flawed privatization scheme that takes the 'security' out of Social Security. Mary Landrieu.
  2. I was familiar with that and 'Rio Bravo.' 'Rio Bravo' was what John Carpenter did, that brilliant move of taking a western and turning it into an urban flick. And from there you got, you know, all the cop genre movies of the time. John Leguizamo.
  3. In movies, I have had the opportunity of working with some of the people that I respect very much. Chi McBride.

Idioms of Of:

  1. shot full of holes;
  2. have a heart of gold;
  3. beauty is in the eye of the beholder;