What is another word for of?

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[ ˈɒv], [ ˈɒv], [ ˈɒ_v]

Synonyms for Of:

relationally (adverb) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Of:

  1. love, glove, shove, dove;
  2. thereof, above;

Quotes for Of:

  1. I agree that we must expand opportunities for retirement saving, but we must not undermine this worthy effort with a flawed privatization scheme that takes the 'security' out of Social Security. Mary Landrieu.
  2. I was familiar with that and 'Rio Bravo.' 'Rio Bravo' was what John Carpenter did, that brilliant move of taking a western and turning it into an urban flick. And from there you got, you know, all the cop genre movies of the time. John Leguizamo.
  3. In movies, I have had the opportunity of working with some of the people that I respect very much. Chi McBride.

Idioms of Of:

  1. shot full of holes;
  2. have a heart of gold;
  3. beauty is in the eye of the beholder;