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[ðˈɪs], [ðˈɪs], [ð_ˈɪ_s]

Synonyms for This:

Other synonyms and related words:

A, Be, From, He, Here, That, Toward, about, absolute, accept, accommodate, according to, acknowledge, acquiesce, acquisitive, across, actual, adjust, admit, aforementioned, after, after adjectives, against, agree, ahead, all, allow, along, already stated, also, ancestry, answer, anticipate, apart, appoint, approve, around, base, basis, before, beginning, beyond, birth, boo, book, bulk, busy, by, call, caller, cause, certain, closer, come, commencement, commend, commit, concede, concur, consent, contemporary, currently, curse, curtly, deeply, defer, definite, dependable, descent, dial, directly, disproportionate, dominant, double, during, excite, expect, expletive, extraction, former, foundation, fountain, fresh, full-size, further, give, give rise to, greatly, green, grow, hence, hereby, hereof, hereto, heretofore, hereunto, herewith, hers, him, him her, hither, how, hug, if so, immediately, immensely, in, indeed, indisputable, inside, instantaneously, instantly, into, investigate, isometric, it, itself, jealous, juice, justify, last, latest, latter, leave for, legalize, life-size, like that, like this, lineage, magnitude, maintain, manage, maybe, modern, near, new, nigher, nourish, nudge, obstruct, of, off, on, onto, origin, origination, particularly, perchance, perhaps, possessive, possessive particle, possessory, predecessor, presently, previously mentioned, promise to marry, proprietary, protective, provide, quantity, really, recent, regulate, reliable, repel, resist, shortly, size, so, so much, sometime, soon, source, spurt out, study thoroughly, such, sure, tenacious, that one, that over there, that same, the, the aforementioned one, the indicated, the one in question, the present, the thing indicated, theirs, them, themselves, then, thence, therefore, these, they, this here, this one, this person, this place, thoroughly, those, three-quarter, thus, thusly, till, until, unto, upon, verify, very, volume, well, when, whenever, wink, woolen material, yet.

Rhymes for This:

  1. lists, hiss, gris, kiss, dis, swiss, sis, resists, miss, remiss, bliss, suisse, persists;
  2. assists, exists, amiss, abyss, enlists, dismiss;
  3. reminisce;

Quotes for This:

  1. It is irresponsible for this Congress to not investigate the President's lack of an exit strategy, and the fraud, waste, and abuse of U. S. tax dollars. Russ Carnahan.

Idioms of This:

  1. Who is this?