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What is another word for far?

298 synonyms found


[fˈɑː], [fˈɑː], [f_ˈɑː]

Synonyms for Far:

remote (adjective) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Far:

  1. fahr, bar, tar, parr, spar, jar, gar, starr, car, tsar, scar, mar, czar, star, par, ar, are, char, r;
  2. bizarre, bazar, afar, ajar, guitar, disbar, renoir, myanmar, bazaar, qatar, dakar, dinar;
  3. superstar;

Quotes for Far:

  1. For to change the norms, the very foci of attention, of a cultural system is a difficult task- far more complex than that of changing an individual's attitudes and interests. James S. Coleman.
  2. And the music, as far as a type of music, it's still pretty viable. Steve Forbert.
  3. Uncontrolled access to data, with no audit trail of activity and no oversight would be going too far This applies to both commercial and government use of data about people. John Poindexter.

Idioms of Far:

  1. be a far cry from;
  2. be far removed from sth;
  3. as far as the eye can/ could see;