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[vˈɔ͡ɪsləs], [vˈɔ‍ɪsləs], [v_ˈɔɪ_s_l_ə_s]

Synonyms for Voiceless:

dumb (adjective)

dumb, mum, mute, silent, speechless, taciturn, tongue-tied.

Other synonyms and related words:

Operose, accented, affricate, alveolar, anaudic, aphasic, aphonic, aphonous, apical, apico-alveolar, apico-dental, arduous, articulated, aspirate, aspiration, assimilated, assonance, atonic, back, backbreaking, bad, bare, barytone, bereft, bilabial, blank despondency, blue devils, blues, breathed, breathless, broad, cacuminal, central, cerebral, checked, close, close-mouthed, concentrated, consonant, consonantal, continuant, deaf, deaf person, deafmute, dental, denuded, deprived, despondency, destitute, difficult, disconsolateness, disenfranchised, disfranchised, dismals, dissimilated, doldrums, dorsal, dumb, dumbfounded, dumbstricken, dumbstruck, dumps, empty, flat, front, glide, glossal, glottal, grueling, gruelling, guttural, hard, heavy, high, hope deferred, horrors, hypochondriasis, il penseroso, inarticulate, inaudible, incommunicative, innocent, intemperate, intonated, invalid, involving surds, irrational, knockout, labial, labiodental, labiovelar, laborious, lachrymals, lateral, lax, light, lingual, liquid, low, megrims, melancholia, melancholy, mid, monophthongal, motionless, mumps, muted, muzzled, narrow, nasal, nasalized, noiseless, null and void, occlusive, open, oxytone, palatal, palatalized, partially hearing, pessimism, pharyngeal, pharyngealized, phonemic, phonetic, phonic, pitch, pitched, placid, posttonic, punishing, quiescent, quiet, radical, reserved, reticent, retroflex, rounded, sadness, scant, semivowel, severe, sharp, short, shy, soft, sonant, soundless, spleen, stopped, stressed, stricken dumb, strong, surd, syllabic, tacit, tense, thick, throaty, tight-lipped, toilsome, tonal, toneless, tongueless, tonic, tough, twangy, unaccented, unarticulate, unarticulated, unexpressed, unhearable, unheard, unpronounced, unrounded, unsaid, unsounded, unspoken, unstated, unstressed, unsung, unuttered, unverbalised, unverbalized, unvocal, unvocalized, unvoiced, vapors, velar, vocalic, vocoid, voiced, voteless, vowel, vowellike, weak, whispered, wide, wordless, words.

Quotes for Voiceless:

  1. Our party has always been the voice of the powerless and the voiceless Robert Casey.
  2. The mere fact of an American being present could help save the lives of innocent people. That's why I believe in the importance of bearing witness, to become a voice for the voiceless Bianca Jagger.
  3. Where does discipline end? Where does cruelty begin? Somewhere between these, thousands of children inhabit a voiceless hell. Francois Mauriac.