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[dˈʌm], [dˈʌm], [d_ˈʌ_m]

Synonyms for Dumb:

dumb (adjective)

mum, mute, silent, speechless, taciturn, tongue-tied, voiceless.

foolish (adjective)

absurd, asinine, blithering, blockheaded, bone-headed, brainless, chuckle-headed, crackpot, crazy, cretinous, dim-witted, doltish, dopey, dotty, foolish, goofy, half-witted, idiotic, ignorant, imbecilic, inane, knuckle-headed, lame-brained, loony, meat-headed, moronic, nitwit, nonsensical.

silent (adjective)

hushed, inaudible, lulled, noiseless, quiet, soundless, still.

Other synonyms and related words:

*, Boeotian, Chuckleheaded, Daffy, Dominic, Duncical, Duncish, ESN, Grey, Gulled, Incommunicable, Ingnorant, Noddy, Weak-minded, Wight, abase, abash, ability, abiotic, accessible, addle-brained, addle-headed, addle-pated, addled, airheaded, allay, amaze, amazed, anaudic, animal, animalian, animalic, animalistic, anserine, aphasic, aphonic, aphonous, apish, appease, ashame, askew, assuage, astigmatic, astonish, astonished, astound, astounded, at a loss for words, ataxia, attocerebral, awkward, azoic, backward, balmy orbarmy, banal, barmy, batty, beast, beastlike, beastly, beat, beck, become hoarse, beef-brained, beef-witted, befooled, beguiled, bemused, besotted, bestial, bewilder, bird-brained, birdbrained, black, blankminded, bleak, blind, blockhead, blockish, bonehead, boneheaded, bonkers, boob, booby, boring, bovine, brain dead, breathless, brief, brusque, brutal, brute, brutelike, brutish, bubbleheaded, buffoonish, byplay, calf, callow, challenged, chirology, chump, chumpish, city, clew, clod-like, cloddish, close, close-tongued, closemouthed, clot, cluck, clue, clueless, cock-eyed, cockeyed, compact, concise, confound, confuse, confused, conquer, coot, cowish, crack-brained, crass, created being, creature, credulous, creeping thing, critter, crush, cuckoo, cue, curt, cut one short, dactylology, dactylonomy, daft, daze, dazed, dazzle, deadening, deaf-and-dumb person, deafmute, deficient, demented, dense, destroy, dim, dimmed, dimwit, dimwitted, dippy, disability, disabled, disablement, disgrace, disturbed person, dizzy, dolt, doodle, dopy, dorky, doting, dozy, drake, drown the voice, dull, dull-witted, dullard, dumb creature, dumbfound, dumbfounded, dumbstricken, dumbstruck, dumfound, dumfounder, dummy, dunce, dunderheaded, dupe, economical of words, electrify, empty, empty-headed, erratic, exanimate, exceptional, expasogoof, extinguish, faint, fascinate, fat, fathead, fatheaded, fatuitous, fatuous, feather-brained, feather-headed, featherheaded, featherweight, feeble-minded, feebleminded, flabbergast, flaky, fond, fool, foolheaded, freemasonry, frown down, fuddled, futile, gag, gaga, gander, gauche, gawk, gesticulation, gesture, glance, glimpse, goof, goosey, gormless, gray, green, groping, gross, half-baked, half-wit, halfwitted, handicap, handicapped, hare-brained, headless, heavy, hebetudinous, highly diluted, hint, ho-hum, humble, humiliate, idiot, imbecile, impaired, impediment, impenetrable, in dumb show, in token of, inanimate, inanimated, inarticulate, incoherent, incommunicative, indisposed to talk, indistinct, ineducable, inept, inert, inexperienced, infatuated, innocent, inobtrusive, insane, insensate, insensible, insentient, instinctive, instinctual, irksome, irrational, irresponsible, jerky, key, klutzy, know-nothing, knuckleheaded, kooky, laconic, lame, lamebrain, lamebrained, laughable, leaden, leer, let down, lifeless, light-headed, living thing, ludicrous, lumpish, lunatic, lunkheaded, mad, make one stare, maudlin, maundering, meaningless, mentally defective, mindless, moron, mortify, mousy, muddle-headed, muffle, muffled, muted, muzzle, muzzled, naive, nescient, nincompoop, ninny, nitwitted, nod, non compos mentis, nonconscious, nonliving, nonrational, not sensible, nudge, numbskulled, numskull, numskulled, nuts, nutty, oaf, oafish, obtuse, opaque, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, ox-like, pantomime, paralysis, paralyzed, petrify, pinheaded, potty, preposterous, psyched, purblind, put to silence, quadriplegic, quash, quell, quench, quieten, rattle-brained, rattle-headed, raw, reckless, render humble, render mute, render silent, reserved, reticent, rhyme scheme, ridiculous, risible, sap, sappy, scatterbrained, scent, screwball, screwy, senseless, sentimental, set down, settle, shadowy, shocked, short, shrug, shush, silence, silly, simple, simple-minded, simpleminded, slake, slob, slow, slow-witted, sluggish, smother, snub, snug, soft, soft-headed, softened, softheaded, sottish, soulless, sparing of words, squelch, stagger, staggered, startle, stolid, stop one's mouth, strange to, stricken dumb, strike, strike dumb, strike with awe, strike with wonder, stun, stupefy, subdue, subdued, subhuman, subjugate, subnormal, suppress, surprise, surprised, symbolically, tacit, take down, tedious, telegraphy, tentative, terse, thick, thick-witted, thickheaded, thimble-witted, thoughtless, thrash, thudding, thunderstruck, tight-lipped, tightlipped, tiresome, tomfool, tongueless, touch, tread down, trounce, turn the head, unable speak, unacquainted, unacquainted with, unanimated, unapprized, unarticulate, unarticulated, uncommunicable, uncommunicative, uncomprehending, unconscious, unconversable, unconversant, understood, unenlightened, unfamiliar, unfeeling, unilluminated, unimaginative, uninformed, uninitiated, unintelligent, unknowing, unloquacious, unposted, unreasonable, unresponsive, unripe, unsharpened, unsmart, unsounded, unspoken, unstable, unsure, untalkative, unteachable, unversed, unvocal, vacant, vacuous, vague, vanquish, vapid, vegetable, wacky, warped, weak, wearisome, wet, whist, wild, wink, wispy, witless, woodenheaded, word-bound, wordless, words, wormhearted, wrongheaded, your animal, zany, zoic, zooidal, zoologic, zoological, zoophyte.

Rhymes for Dumb:

  1. hum, chum, mum, gum, numb, bum, slum, drum, crumb, thumb, some, sum, strum, glum, plum, come, rum, from, plumb, scum;
  2. succumb, become, alum;

Quotes for Dumb:

  1. I'm stupid, I'm ugly, I'm dumb I smell. Did I mention I'm stupid? Eminem.
  2. It's a dumb question, because I don't look at things as a black director, just as a director, so ask me as a director first and we can segue into the colour thing later. Antoine Fuqua.
  3. Innocence always calls mutely for protection when we would be so much wiser to guard ourselves against it: innocence is like a dumb leper who has lost his bell, wandering the world, meaning no harm. Graham Greene.

Idioms of Dumb:

  1. deaf and dumb
  2. How dumb do you think I am?;
  3. be struck dumb