What is another word for acid-base balance?

Pronunciation: [ˈasɪdbˈe͡ɪs bˈaləns] (IPA)

Acid-base balance refers to the delicate balance between acid and base levels in the body. Some synonyms for acid-base balance include pH balance, acid-base equilibrium, acid-alkali balance, and acid-base homeostasis. Maintaining a proper acid-base balance is crucial for the body, as it affects numerous physiological functions, including enzyme activity, hormone production, and metabolic processes. When the balance is disrupted, it can lead to serious health conditions such as acidosis or alkalosis. Regular exercise, proper hydration, and a healthy diet can all contribute to maintaining a healthy acid-base balance in the body. Furthermore, medical interventions may be necessary in cases where the balance is severely disrupted, to restore the body to its optimal functioning.

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