What is another word for labyrinthine sense?

Pronunciation: [lˌabəɹˈɪnθiːn sˈɛns] (IPA)

The term labyrinthine sense refers to our ability to sense our body's position and movement in space. There are several synonyms for this essential sense, including proprioception, kinesthesia, body awareness, and spatial orientation. Proprioception is defined as "the perception of the body's position, movement, and orientation in space." Kinesthesia is the "sense of movement and position of individual body parts." Body awareness refers to our ability to be aware of our body's location and movements at any given moment. Spatial orientation describes our sense of where we are in space and how we are oriented in relation to our surroundings. All of these synonyms work together to help us navigate the world around us and maintain our balance and coordination.

Synonyms for Labyrinthine sense:

What are the hypernyms for Labyrinthine sense?

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