What is another word for antilocapridae?

Pronunciation: [ˌantɪlˈə͡ʊkɐpɹˌɪdiː] (IPA)

Antilocapridae is a family name for herbivorous mammal species that includes pronghorns. Synonyms for Antilocapridae wouldn't be as comprehensive as they are for common words. However, there are alternative names for pronghorns like "prongbuck," "prairie antelope," and "American antelope." The term "pronghorn" comes from its unique feature of having prong-shaped horns, which isn't the same as the antlers of deer. Depending on the region, pronghorns might be known as "speed goats" due to their remarkable agility and swiftness or "rodeo deer" because they are often used in various stunts in the rodeo. Nonetheless, Antilocapridae remains the scientific term for the family of pronghorns.

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