What is another word for apocynaceae?

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There are several synonyms for the word "Apocynaceae" that are commonly used in the field of botany. One of the most common synonyms is the "dogbane family," as many plants in the Apocynaceae family are toxic to dogs and other animals. Other synonyms include the "oleander family," as oleander is a well-known plant in this family, and the "milkweed family," as many plants in this family secrete a milky white sap. The Apocynaceae family includes around 5,000 species of plants, many of which are used for medicinal purposes, making it an important family in the study of botany and medicine.

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How to use "Apocynaceae" in context?

The apocynaceae family is a large and diverse group of flowering plants, including more than two thousand species of plants. The Apocynaceae are a heterogeneous family, containing examples of herbaceous plants and trees, and shrubs and climbers. The family is worldwide in distribution, with a few species native to only limited regions. Many of the plants in the Apocynaceae are important economic plants, used for paper, component parts of medicines, dye materials, and other products.

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