What is another word for aster family?

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The Aster family, also known as the Compositae family, is a large and diverse group of flowering plants that includes more than 23,000 species. This family is characterized by their distinctive composite flowers, which are made up of many small flowers grouped together in a single head. The members of this family are found all over the world and are often important components of many types of ecosystems. Synonyms for the Aster family include the Composite family, the Daisy family, the Sunflower family, the Chrysanthemum family, and the Marigold family. All of these names refer to the same group of plants that share similar characteristics and traits.

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    How to use "Aster family" in context?

    The aster family is one of the largest and most diverse families of plants on Earth. They are noted for their large, showy flowers that can vary in color from pale to bright yellow, orange, red, or purple.

    Notable members of the Aster family include sunflowers, chicory, aster, yarrow, asteropsis, goldenrod, compass plant, and queen Anne's lace. Many Aster plants are considered cool-season or fall-flowering plants, and are used as ornamentals or for their aroma in cooking.

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