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[ lˈi͡əntɒdən], [ lˈi‍əntɒdən], [ l_ˈiə_n_t_ɒ_d_ə_n]

Leontodon is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the Asteraceae family. This genus is also commonly known as lion's tooth or hawkbit. The plant is known for its dandelion-like appearance, with yellow or white flowers and toothed leaves. Some common synonyms for Leontodon include cat's ear, false dandelion, and milk tooth. Other similar plants that are often mistaken for Leontodon include chicory, sow thistle, and coltsfoot. These plants are known for their medicinal properties, including treating liver disorders, digestive problems, and skin conditions. The name "Leontodon" is derived from Greek, where "leon" means lion and "odon" means tooth, due to the toothed appearance of the plant's leaves.

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The leontodon, or the leaf-toad, is a small, stocky amphibian that inhabits eastern North America. It is a common sight crossing roads and streams in woods and along riverbanks. Leontodon does not have a smooth skin, but Rather a rough, scaly surface that can give the appearance of being hairy. The leontodon has well-defined folds on its head, giving it a vaguely rat-like appearance. This amphibian is not particularly impressively large, with an adult size of 8-12 inches, but it is quite agile for an animal its size and can easily jump great distances.

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