What is another word for aucuba?

Pronunciation: [ɔːkjˈuːbə] (IPA)

Aucuba, also known as "Japanese laurel," is a popular evergreen shrub commonly found in gardens and landscapes. It has glossy, green leaves that can brighten up any outdoor space. If you're looking for synonyms for aucuba, you might consider using terms like evergreen shrub, foliage plant, or decorative plant. Other options might include shrubbery, greenery, or ornamental shrub. Whatever synonym you choose, it's clear that aucuba is a versatile plant that can add beauty and dimension to any garden or landscaping project. Whether you're looking for a hardy evergreen or a decorative accent piece, there's sure to be an aucuba variety that's perfect for your needs.

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Usage examples for Aucuba

The Japanese and Chinese floras are represented in Sikkim by Camellia, Deutzia, Stachyurus, aucuba, Helwingia, Stauntonia, Hydrangea, Skimmia, Eurya, Anthogonium, and Enkianthus.
"Himalayan Journals V2."
J. D. Hooker
Each of these wickets opened on a narrow path which ran among the shrubberies of box and aucuba to the left and right of the main avenue.
"The Eight Strokes of the Clock"
Maurice Le Blanc
Nevertheless opinions have differed much as to whether any important effect is to be seen, and on no point more than on whether the scion can affect the stock, in spite of such examples as Cytisus Adami, Garreya on aucuba, Sunflower on Jerusalem Artichoke, etc.
"Disease in Plants"
H. Marshall Ward

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