What is another word for Avahi Laniger?

Pronunciation: [avˈahɪ lˈanɪd͡ʒə] (IPA)

Avahi Laniger is the scientific name for the woolly lemur, a primate species only found in Madagascar. The synonym for Avahi Laniger is the woolly lemur itself, but there are several other common names used to refer to this species like the eastern woolly lemur or fluffy lemur. Overall, these names all refer to a small, arboreal primate with thick, woolly fur covering its body to keep warm in the cool rain forests of eastern Madagascar. These primates are known for their specialized diet of young leaves, flowers, and fruit, and for their slow, deliberate movements throughout the forest canopy. Whichever name is used, the woolly lemur is a unique and fascinating primate species.

Synonyms for Avahi laniger:

  • n.

    Avahi Laniger
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