What is another word for avulsed?

Pronunciation: [ˈavʌlzd] (IPA)

Avulsed refers to the act of forcibly detaching or tearing away from its natural position. Some synonyms of avulsed are torn, ripped, dislodged, separated, wrenched, and uprooted. Avulsed is often used in the context of medical or dental emergencies where an individual's tooth or limb has been forcefully removed. Some other synonyms used in the medical field to replace avulsed are dislocated, dismembered, sheared, traumatized, or severed. These synonyms help to describe the extent and severity of damage caused by the detachment of an organ or tissue from its normal position. Overall, synonyms for avulsed serve as a useful tool to describe medical emergencies and injuries.

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What are the hypernyms for Avulsed?

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