What is another word for B.'s test?

Pronunciation: [bˈiː dˈɒtz tˈɛst] (IPA)

B.'s test is also known as Babinski's reflex or Babinski's sign. It's a neurological test that examines the plantar reflex in the foot. This test is named after French neurologist Joseph Babinski who first described it in 1896. The reflex involves the curling of the toes when the sole of the foot is stimulated. If the reflex is absent or abnormal, it can suggest neurological damage or dysfunction. Other similar tests include the Chaddock's sign, Gordon's sign, Oppenheim's sign, and Schaeffer's sign. All of these tests work by assessing the same reflex pathway and can provide valuable information in the assessment of neurological disorders or injuries.

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What are the hypernyms for B.'s test?

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