What is another word for bad press?

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[ bˈad pɹˈɛs], [ bˈad pɹˈɛs], [ b_ˈa_d p_ɹ_ˈɛ_s]

Synonyms for Bad press:

How to use "Bad press" in context?

Bad press is a negative public perception of a company or individual that is undeserved or unwarranted. Generally, this type of publicity is created through negative news stories or scathing blog posts, which can have a negative effect on the business or individual's stock prices, reputation, or marketability.

The term "bad press" is often used to describe the negative publicity that a company may receive as the result of a corruption scandal, a product recall, or an environmental disaster. Many companies fear bad press, as it can lead to lost customers, negative word-of-mouth, and decreased sales.

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