What is another word for banyan tree?

7 synonyms found


[ b_ˈa_n_ɪ__ə_n t_ɹ_ˈiː], [ bˈanɪən tɹˈiː], [ bˈanɪən tɹˈiː]

Synonyms for Banyan tree:

banyan tree (noun) Other synonyms:

Related words for Banyan tree:

  • acai palm, agasthyamala biosphere reserve, algae, amazon water lily, anamalai tiger reserve, annan river, aralam wildlife sanctuary, barron gorge national park, bengal bamboo, bhadra wildlife sanctuary, bisle reserve forest, black mountain national park, borneo lowland rain forest, borneo montane rain forest, bougainvillea, bromeliad, bucket orchid, calcutta cane, canopy layer, carnauba palm, cedar bay national park, civet fruit, coalition for rainforest nations, coconut tree, corpse flower, curare, daintree national park, daintree rainforest, daintree river, dandeli wildlife sanctuary, deoh, djamboe aer, durian, emergent layer, ensete superbum, epiphyte, eravikulam national park, esk river, fern, flooded forest, flooded rainforest, forest floor, girringun national park, golden gumboot, grass hills national park, grieswurzel, harapan rainforest, heliconia, honey bee tree, indian timber bamboo, interspecific competition, jambu, jambu ayer, kalakkad mundanthurai tiger reserve, kali tiger reserve, kapok, kapok tree, kapok, ceiba, karian shola national park, karimpuzha national park, koyna wildlife sanctuary, kuku yalanji, liana, lichen, list of endemic plants in the nilgiri biosphere reserve, liverwort, luzon rainforest, mahogany, mangrove forest, mengaris, mizoram-manipur-kachin rainforest, moist seasonal tropical forest, montane rainforest, moss, mossman gorge, mukurthi national park, new amarambalam reserved forest, nilgiri biosphere reserve, niyamgiri jungle, north western ghats montane rain forest, orchid, palo seco forest reserve, parambikulam tiger reserve, pareira, pareira brava, peppara wildlife sanctuary, periyar national park, pitcher plant, pleistocene refugia, pushpagiri wildlife sanctuary, queensland tropical rain forest, radhanagari wildlife sanctuary, rattan palm, rubber tree, shendurney wildlife sanctuary, silent valley national park, silk-cotton tree, silky oak, someshwara wildlife sanctuary, south western ghats montane rain forest, spineless indian bamboo, sri lanka montane rain forest, stinkvrucht, strangler fig, sumatran tropical pine forest, sundarbans freshwater swamp forest, talakaveri wildlife sanctuary, talamancan montane forest, tropical forest, tropical freshwater swamp forest, tropical rainforest climate, tropical rainforest conservation, tropical rainforest heritage of sumatra, tropical rainforest of india, tualang, tully river, underbrush, undergrowth, understorey, understory, understory layer, vanilla orchid, vatica chinensis, vigne sauvage, vine, walking palm, watery rose apple, wooroonooran national park, world rainforest movement.

Adjectives for Banyan tree:

  • oversize,
  • drunken,
  • hollow,
  • occasional,
  • heavy,
  • whole,
  • undying,
  • gnarled,
  • dense,
  • superb,
  • veritable,
  • nearby,
  • sacred,
  • fine,
  • prolific,
  • massive,
  • enormous,
  • broad,
  • biggest,
  • magnificent,
  • beautiful,
  • famous,
  • immense,
  • mighty,
  • monstrous,
  • single gigantic,
  • ancient,
  • huge,
  • gigantic.