What is another word for be carnal?

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[ biː kˈɑːnə͡l], [ biː kˈɑːnə‍l], [ b_iː k_ˈɑː_n_əl]

The phrase "be carnal" refers to engaging in physical and sensual pleasures, often in a hedonistic or selfish manner. Some possible synonyms for this phrase include "indulge in carnality," "give in to the flesh," "live a hedonistic lifestyle," or "pursue sensual pleasure without restraint." Other related terms could include "lewd," "licentious," "debauched," or "reveling in vice." While there may be some positive aspects of physical pleasure and embodiment, when taken to an extreme, it can lead to spiritual and emotional emptiness. Therefore, it is important to balance physical pleasures with ethical and spiritual considerations.

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How to use "Be carnal" in context?

Carnal is simply a word that describes our natural state. To be carnal means to be in contact with our physical and sexual desires. This can be a great way to enjoy life, but it can also be dangerous if we don't know how to do it safely.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong if we're not careful when it comes to our carnal desires. We may get hurt, or we may get someone else hurt. We may get caught up in a bad relationship, or we may even get into crime.

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