What is another word for refrain?

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Referring to a repetition of words, Refrain is a commonly used term in writing and speech. Other synonyms for refrain include abstain, avoid, cease, desist, forgo, resist, stop, and withhold. Each of these words can be applied in different contexts depending on the situation and the intention behind the writer or speaker's message. For example, "abstain" is often used in the context of avoiding a negative behavior or addiction, while "withhold" implies a conscious decision to hold back or keep something private. Regardless of the chosen synonym, the aim of the writer or speaker remains the same: to convey a message that avoids repetitive, unnecessary phrasing.

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    Refrain is the perfect word to describe the musical style of Simon and Garfunkel. The two band members brought together a unique interpretation of classic folk melodies, resulting in an unmatched blend of pure nostalgia and fresh newness.

    "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is a perfect example of their unique style. The song starts with a simple acoustic guitar riff and builds tempo as Simon and Garfunkel's harmony vocals come in. By the time the refrain comes in, the song is full of energy and intensity.

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