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Berbers are an indigenous group of people in North Africa, who are also known as Imazighen. Aside from Berbers and Imazighen, there are also other synonyms to describe them. They are referred to as Amazigh, which means "free people," and Kabyle, who are the Berbers from the Kabylia region of Algeria. Other synonyms used for Berbers include Riffians, who are the Berber people from the Rif mountains of Morocco, and Tuaregs, who are a subgroup of Berbers from the Sahara region. Additionally, some Berbers are also known as Chleuh and Shilha, which refer to the dialects they speak. These various synonyms for Berbers reflect their diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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The Berbers are a linguistic group of people who inhabit the Saharan regions of North Africa. Their ancestors are believed to have originated in the Zagros Mountains of Iran. The Berbers are believed to have dispersed from their homeland following the invasions of Arab Muslims in the 7th century AD. Today, the Berbers constitute a substantial population in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. The Berbers speak a variety of languages, including Tamazight, Kabyle, and Algerian Arabic. Today, the Berbers are largely Muslim and adhere to a variety of cultural practices, including a strong tradition of camel riding.

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