What is another word for bouncing check?

Pronunciation: [bˈa͡ʊnsɪŋ t͡ʃˈɛk] (IPA)

A bouncing check, or a check that is returned due to insufficient funds, can be described using a variety of synonyms. A few common phrases used to refer to a bouncing check include a dishonored check, a bad check, an overdraft check, or a NSF (non-sufficient funds) check. Other terms that may be used to describe a bouncing check include a rubber check or a returned check. Regardless of the term used, being on the receiving end of a bouncing check can be frustrating and can lead to additional fees and complications. Therefore, it's important to ensure there are sufficient funds in your account before issuing a check.

What are the hypernyms for Bouncing check?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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